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Our guild membership are composed of committed Player Versus Player (PVP) characters in Ashes of Creation game-play.  Its role-playing mission is to bring characters with bounties to justice.  Bounty Hunting is not personal - It's business.  We work together in our niche for blood money and contracts.  This guild has four squads of up to 12:  Marshals, Scouts, Potentates, and Avatars.  Each squad has a chief officer.  The most capable among the squad is chosen as chief.  The Chief Marshal wins a tie breaker on our decisions.





  • Find worthwhile bounties and collect their heads in a smart way.

  • Contract with customers to protect their lists.

  • Contract with nodes to take-out threats.

  • Contract with customers for surveillance.

  • Contract with customers to punish ZERGs at short notice and curb their enthusiasm.

  • We partake in Raids & Quests just like other guilds.

  • We reserve the right to decline any service.    


The guild is aligned with a Military Node.  We will help our node achieve stage 4 and unlock the Bounty Hunter system.  Each member will then progress through Bounty Hunter questing in-game.  We are an NA server guild.  As a rule - it is verboten to grief, gank, or take down innocent lower level characters.  We are the long arm of the law in Verra.  'The wicked flee though no one pursueth, for the righteous are as bold as lions' (proverbs 28:1). 



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